Learn Spanish at Andean Global Studies, Quito, Ecuador

Programs of Interest: DELE Preparation, Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons, Spanish & Culture, Volunteer + Spanish
Address: El Mercurio E 10-23 y La Razón - Quito - Ecuador
Telephone: (00593) 2 2254 928
Website: http://www.andeanglobalstudies.org
E-mail: info@andeanglobalstudies.org
Andean Global Studies seeks the competitive engagement of Ecuador, its people, culture and language in a globalized world. We believe that Spanish and Quichua act as doorways into Ecuadorian and Andean culture, and tools to communicate the historic, economic, social and environmental realities that Latin American people face. We think that the diffusion of our regional languages contributes to the development of a society without borders, wherein all people can exchange visions for a better world.
It is our belief that education must always meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism, organically integrating its various elements and learning dimensions. As such, we are committed to permanent self-improvement as an institution, achieved through continuous training courses and evaluation of our services. 
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