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Programs of Interest: Group Courses, Medical Spanish, Private Lessons, Volunteer + Spanish
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At Academia Latinoamericana de Español you can study Spanish in the heart of the ancient Inca Empire in Quito, Ecuador, Cusco, Peru, and Sucre, Bolivia. Choose from a great number of excellent programs and quickly develop a working knowledge of Spanish, and learn about the culture and customs of these fascinating Andean countries. Read on to discover the exciting opportunities for study and travel with Academia Latinoamericana de Español.
Thanks to our excellent testing program you are placed in a class at your exact level of ability. Weekly evaluations enable all students to move through weekly classes in such a way that they are continually challenged but not frustrated by being slightly ahead or slightly behind their classmates. The number of participants in any class is never more than five, and is frequently less. Students move in and out of classes on a weekly basis depending on their ability and their motivation for outside study. Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers who have received extensive training in teaching their language to adult learners.
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